What is Your Website’s Uptime?

Your uptime is the amount of time your website is fully functioning and accessible on the internet. We’ve all experienced times when our website was down and the calls start rolling in from customers who are trying to get on our website and can’t. Uptime is important and it is often a feature that web hosting companies note when selling their services. Most hosts strive for an uptime of 99.9% which means that in every 24 hour period your website would only be down for 2 minutes.

Other features web hosts offer are amount of space and bandwidth you’ll have for the contents of your website and the number of visitors your website could receive at once without causing it to crash.

There are three reasons for downtime from a web host and some of them are unavoidable. Planned downtime is typically scheduled for updates and upgrades during the nighttime hours when your website is receiving the least amount of visitors. Partial planned downtime happens if a security breach is discovered and a patch must be installed. The worst downtime occurs due to an overloaded server or malicious software attacks. This type of downtime is a necessary evil while the problems are being addressed. Most web hosts will work quickly to shorten their downtime as much as possible.

If you find your website is down there should be a phone number to call for technical support. With Strait Web Solutions you’ll get me on the phone (360.797.3799) and I’ll act immediately to find out what went wrong and get your website back online. Call me if you are considering moving your website to new hosting. I understand how important it is for your website to be up and running and I work hard to make sure it is.