The Benefits of Blogging

There are several benefits your business can experience when you add a blog to your website. A blog is a way of adding fresh content to your website and providing information your website visitors may want to know about you and your company.  It is a series of articles that gets added to your website and can cover a broad range of topics.

If you are a campground operator, your blog could provide articles on camping recipes, RV tips, highlights of your area, notices of your weekend events, and tips on types of camping such as tenting, RVing, and cabin camping. These blog articles can also be an introduction for new people who may not have camped with you yet. They can read your blog and get a feel whether yours is the kind of campground that matches their camping style.

If you are a local insurance agent, your blog could provide information home safety tips, changes in insurance law, tips for filing a claim, information about projects that you sponsor, and areas of savings on premium costs. Your website visitor would benefit from the information and the search engines would learn how best to rank your website in search.

When you consistently add this kind of information to your website, your visitor is given a reason to stay on your site and read more. This helps you in the search engines as Google notices that people tend to stay on your website and not quickly click away. The search engines consider this “Bounce Rate” when determining how they will rank your website. Also, adding camping related content can signal to the search engines that your site is trustworthy and not utilizing practices they disapprove of. Having a higher trust factor from Google means better exposure for your website when people search online for a campground like yours.

While the advantages of having a blog on your website are substantial, the drawback can be writing the articles yourself. Business owners have their hands full with the work that is already on their plate and they rarely can find time to schedule article writing for their website. In situations like that, many hire blogging professionals to do the work for them. Strait Web Solutions can help you with your blogging. We are very familiar with the process and can keep your website updated with fresh content on a regular basis. I am happy to talk to you about the potential that blogging can provide for your business so give me a call and we’ll talk about a plan that will work for your needs. I’m looking forward to it!