Do You Have a Social Media Policy?

It’s true that there are issues popping up every day that we didn’t even know existed. Technology is moving faster than we can keep up so I wanted to share something you may end up dealing with after the fact if you don’t address it ahead of time.

Your Social Media Policy is a code of conduct that guides your employees as to what your company believes is the proper channels, methods, and limitations of their social media posts for work. It is also a document that takes your risk into consideration and addresses what topics can or cannot be shared on social channels that your employees are tasked with managing.

There are plenty of things you may not want posted on social media. You may decide, for instance, that no images of the office area, computer screens, or cash handling be posted online. You can also use your social media policy to define things you do want to see in social media. You may want images to be a certain size or watermarked with your logo. These details can be defined and will benefit the employee as well when it is an easy reference for how you want things done.

The easiest way to develop your own Social Media Policy is to spend some time reading others. You can see some examples at 5 Terrific Examples of Company Social Media Policies and at 57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources. You’ll go a long way in protecting yourself if you take the initiative to develop your Social Media Policy before you need it. Give me a call at 360.797.3799 if you have questions, I’m happy to help you think it through.